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Pre-clinical MS Research using EAE models

Detailed Information On Available EAE models

EAE Model Species and Strain Features and Use
Acute Guinea pig: Dunkin Hartley
Rat: Lewis
Short-term resolving or non-resolving disease with perivascular CNS lesions. Useful for establishing initial prophylactic or therapeutic efficacy.
Acute adoptive Rat: Lewis In vivo and in vitro system useful for determining mechanisms of compound efficacy. Several stages available for drug intervention.
Chronic Mouse: SJL/J, C57BL/6 Chronic neurological disease without definite remission but features demyelination and axonal disruption. Allows extended dosing regime to treat chronicity of disease.
Chronic relapsing Mouse: Biozzi The definitive model of relapsing-remitting EAE including episodes of paralysis and chronic spasticity with demyelination and axonal degeneration. Facility for dosing during acute, remission and relapse phases.

Key to images

  • Plate 1: Perivascular lesions in spinal cord from acute EAE-diseased rat
  • Plate 2: Diffuse lesions in mouse spinal cord during the acute phase of chronic relapsing-remitting EAE
  • Plate 3: Myelinated and demyelinated axons in mouse spinal cord during the relapse phase of chronic relapsing-remitting EAE